Reading The Messenger

TheMessengerI have been reading The Messenger this weekend. Well, I have read two chapters that is. Between three children and a new kitchen project that was about what I had the time for. That, however, is not necessarily a bad thing. This way the series will last longer.

There’s not much to say about it yet though. It is set in Icewall, which I think it really great and makes for an interesting setting. And then it’s written by Chries Pierson who is one of my favorite Dragonlance authors. So, if you are still feel that Dragonlance itch and have not read this trilogy yet, so far, I can recommend it. Oh yeah, it is still on Amazon.

New trilogy on the way

For some reason I have developed this unhealthy obsession with collecting (and reading) some of the Dragonlancde books I never got around to reading when they were released back in the day. My summer project “The Elven Exiles” ended happily after a little extra work, so now it is time for a new one.

The Icewall trilogy is my next obsession. I am a huge Douglas Niles fan, so it makes sense to get this one. Besides, I always had a soft spot for Icewall, and I would like to see that area of Ansalon fleshed out a bit more.

Compaed to Elven Exiles, this trilogy was a bit easier to get a hold of. It only took a few searched on Amazon to find all three books from a seller who would ship to Scandinavia. So, now I just have to sit back and wait. The books should begin to arrive sometime next week, but I think that is a little optimistic. As it is, I don’t mind that much, since I expect to read this trilogy during late fall when the weather gets all icky.

Elven Exiles done

Two weeks ago I finished the final novel in the Elven Exiles trilogy and let me tell you that was some of that good stuff.

I never fully understood why the elves always were the victims considering their vast power and knowledge. However, especially the War of Souls totally kills everything we had come to associate with the elves. There, I think it’s really nice to see them find their new homeland and rebuild their nation in a meaningful way. Again, I can only cry about the fact that Dragonlance novels are a thing of the past as I think there are tons of good story hooks here. At least we have Star Wars Smile

Sanctuary (The Elven Exiles)

imageIn my quest to collect all three books in the Elven Exiles trilogy I have so gotten my sticky hands on volume 2 and 3. Volume 1, Sanctuary, has up until now eluded me, as Amazon have not been able to acquire it anywhere. Luckily I found another seller on Amazon, and it looks like I will receive the book during my summer vacation.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Collecting Elven Exiles

IMG_20160609_154444The Dragonlance Canticle inspired me to read the Elven Exiles trilogy. Since this is out of print it is really difficult to get this series, however, that will not stop me from trying.

Today I received the second book in the series, so I can’t start reading just yet. Good thing I am still  reading the Taladas trilogy.

Now reading: Taladas trilogy

461b610e65dbbb2a14b4fabc0f245d30One of the really sad things about the death of Dragonlance in my opinion, is the fact that wew ill never see any real meaningful development of the continent of Talads. I have started reading Chris Pierson’s excellent trilogy, and the more I read the more I want to explore this continent.

I was never a bg fan of the Time of the Dragon boxed set, simply because it lacked some of the details I was interested in at the time. Especially NPC stats, organizations, cities etc. were never really fleshed out to the extent that I wanted to see. Now that all my game material is packed away I cannot revisit this set, but I wonder if I would see it differently today.

Adding insult to injury, I believe that Margaret Weis and her good people were working on a Taladas sourcebook when Wizards cancelled the licensing deal. Given the quality of the material Weis et al. released, I can only fantasize about what they could have accomplished with a Taladas sourcebook.

Star Wars Novels Canon

Release date in-universe timeline Title
July 2015 19 BBY Dark Disciple
April 2015 14 BBY Lords of the Sith
November 2014 14 BBY Tarkin
October 2015 14 BBY Rise of the Empire
September 2014 11 BBY A New Dawn
March 2015 0 ABY Heir to the Jedi
November 2015 1 ABY Battlefront: Twilight Company
September 2015 4 ABY Aftermath
May 2016 4 ABY Aftermath – Life Debt
March 2016 28 ABY Bloodline

Ever since I started reading Star Wars again, I have been trying to stick to the new canon books. It can be a little difficult to navigate if you have been reading all the EU books, so I managed to steal this list from Wikipedia.

I am not planning to keep this list updated, but I suspect the wiki page will be kept up-to-date.



Tomorow I will be receiving a small batch of Start Wars books from Amazon. It has been a very long time since I last purchased anyt´hing like this, except for that one Start Wars book I bought in Seattle around Christmas of course.

Last week, the wife and I have built a set of book cases in the living room, which allowed me to bring in my entire book collection. All my books and gamin materials have been stoved away in the shed after we had our third child two years ago, so it is really nice to have at least the books back in the house. In fact, it was so inspiring that I went to Amazon to exercise the credit card, but I also started looking at Blades of the Tiger, which is a part of one of the very best Dragonlance trilogies. Now, I will read my new Start Wars books first, but after that I will return to Krynn.

Up next: Not so sure

I have now re-read seven Dragonlance books, and it is time to dive into the box of books and find something new to read.

I have read a non-fiction book, which reminded me too much of my horrible bachelor’s degree, so it’s time to return to fiction big time. So far, I am thinking of putting Dragonlance on the back burner for a few weeks, so the choice now is between Forgotten Realms, the original Drizzt books, or Star Wars, the Thrawn trilogy.