New trilogy on the way

For some reason I have developed this unhealthy obsession with collecting (and reading) some of the Dragonlancde books I never got around to reading when they were released back in the day. My summer project “The Elven Exiles” ended happily after a little extra work, so now it is time for a new one.

The Icewall trilogy is my next obsession. I am a huge Douglas Niles fan, so it makes sense to get this one. Besides, I always had a soft spot for Icewall, and I would like to see that area of Ansalon fleshed out a bit more.

Compaed to Elven Exiles, this trilogy was a bit easier to get a hold of. It only took a few searched on Amazon to find all three books from a seller who would ship to Scandinavia. So, now I just have to sit back and wait. The books should begin to arrive sometime next week, but I think that is a little optimistic. As it is, I don’t mind that much, since I expect to read this trilogy during late fall when the weather gets all icky.


For some odd reason I am feeling the pull towards roleplaying games again. It’s like cigarettes, every once in a while the old urge emerges and it takes a little will power to stay off the cancer sticks. Luckily, RPGs don’t cause cancer as far as we know, so I can safely induldge.

Usually I listen to tech podcasts but I am in the process of gathering a list of great podcasts that I listen to. Without further ado, here we go.

Dragonlance Canticle.

Our good friends from the Dragonlance Nexus have their own podcast where they discuss various things but focus on Dragonlance. The podcast actually made me buy the Elven Exiles trilogy a few weeks back, so I definitely recommend it. It’s also the last remaining bastion of Dragonlance so go support our guys.


This is another great podcast that discuss a wide variety of RPG topics. Right now I am listening to an episode from 2011 where Mortellan of Grehawkery fame talks about that setting. Really good stuff in my humble opinion.

Elven Exiles done

Two weeks ago I finished the final novel in the Elven Exiles trilogy and let me tell you that was some of that good stuff.

I never fully understood why the elves always were the victims considering their vast power and knowledge. However, especially the War of Souls totally kills everything we had come to associate with the elves. There, I think it’s really nice to see them find their new homeland and rebuild their nation in a meaningful way. Again, I can only cry about the fact that Dragonlance novels are a thing of the past as I think there are tons of good story hooks here. At least we have Star Wars Smile

Sanctuary (The Elven Exiles)

imageIn my quest to collect all three books in the Elven Exiles trilogy I have so gotten my sticky hands on volume 2 and 3. Volume 1, Sanctuary, has up until now eluded me, as Amazon have not been able to acquire it anywhere. Luckily I found another seller on Amazon, and it looks like I will receive the book during my summer vacation.

Keeping my fingers crossed.