The End is near

As I am completing the last trilogy of Dragonlance books, that I have not previously read, the end of this blog is moving ever closer.

I know, this is not the first time I have written crap like this, but this time it is not so much about being bitter about the lack of gaming material or novels, it is more about a sense of fatigue.

When I started this over on Blogger it was a therapeutic exercise as well as a way of sharing the working I had done over the years. Of all the game material I have created, I have published what I thought was usable. I have read pretty much all there is to read when it comes to Dragonlance, and I have failed in finding a good substitute that I feel like writing about. When I look through the last couple of posts on this blog there are way too many Youtube videos and tweets, which is really not the point of having a blog.

I recently renewed this domain, for some odd reason, so the blog will remain here for a little while longer. When it is up for renewal, I will move the content somewhere else, probably

I will still be a member of my small gaming group, at least for now. I feel the interest in gaming is also dwindling so who knows what will happen. I have already lost interest in my board game group (Dune) so I am pretty confident in the pattern I see. The end is near 🙂

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