Now reading: The Legend of Huma

legendofhumaHaving finished some of the “newer” Dragonlance novels, I have decided to return to one of the classics, The Legend of Huma. In the past I have always read this novel after Chronicles and Legends, but this time around I am avoiding the two original trilogies in order to focus on the “peripheral” stories. I have always found Richard A. Knaak to be one of the best Dragonlance writers and this one is in my opinion of the best ever written. I mean think about the characters: Huma, Magius, Kaz, Crynus and of course the renegade mastermage Galan Dracos. Furthermore we meet some ultimate dragons like Charr and Wyrmfather not to mention a young Cyan Bloodbane What’s not to like?

From a gaming perspective there’s a ton of material that can be turned into some really exciting content. Unfortunately no one ever did. So be it. We still have a really good novel, which I have read several times and probably will read several more times.

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