Can’t seem to really quit

D&D is almost like cigarettes, only without the cancer of course. I was able to quit smoking some years back, but for some reason the whole D&D spiel still lingers.

Of course, it helps that I am now part of a gaming group that meet regularly and it pretty much in sync. One of the newer players took over DM duties and he has been able to really breathe some life into it again. Besides, the group is down two members, which appears to be perfect. Not only do we view the game in a more coherent way now, but it is also much easier to find a date for some serious gaming.

We play in the Forgotten Realms, and even though it might not be my favorite setting I like it quite a bit. The really nice thing is that I don’t know it as well as some of the other settings meaning that I feel like I am exploring something new. Furthermore I play a palading, which I never really done that much in the past. I have always had an unhealthy wizard fetisch, but I find the character class less importnat now than I have done in the past.

We have also started a G+ community, which works really well for us. G+ is somewhat nicer than Facebook and not full of weird ads and racist comments. We communicate there and share links and other cool stuff. I can see there a lot of gamers that use it and I can highly recommend it.

We have also switched from 3.5 to 5.0, which makes characer generation a lot simplier. There are definitely things I miss about 3.5, prestige classes for instance, but it seems like a fair trade off when you consider how fast you start gaming.

The End is near

As I am completing the last trilogy of Dragonlance books, that I have not previously read, the end of this blog is moving ever closer.

I know, this is not the first time I have written crap like this, but this time it is not so much about being bitter about the lack of gaming material or novels, it is more about a sense of fatigue.

When I started this over on Blogger it was a therapeutic exercise as well as a way of sharing the working I had done over the years. Of all the game material I have created, I have published what I thought was usable. I have read pretty much all there is to read when it comes to Dragonlance, and I have failed in finding a good substitute that I feel like writing about. When I look through the last couple of posts on this blog there are way too many Youtube videos and tweets, which is really not the point of having a blog.

I recently renewed this domain, for some odd reason, so the blog will remain here for a little while longer. When it is up for renewal, I will move the content somewhere else, probably

I will still be a member of my small gaming group, at least for now. I feel the interest in gaming is also dwindling so who knows what will happen. I have already lost interest in my board game group (Dune) so I am pretty confident in the pattern I see. The end is near 🙂

Reading The Messenger

TheMessengerI have been reading The Messenger this weekend. Well, I have read two chapters that is. Between three children and a new kitchen project that was about what I had the time for. That, however, is not necessarily a bad thing. This way the series will last longer.

There’s not much to say about it yet though. It is set in Icewall, which I think it really great and makes for an interesting setting. And then it’s written by Chries Pierson who is one of my favorite Dragonlance authors. So, if you are still feel that Dragonlance itch and have not read this trilogy yet, so far, I can recommend it. Oh yeah, it is still on Amazon.